All About ME!! By: Ava. Favroite Books: Where the mountian meets the moon and out of my mind. Favroite Color: Pink! Favroite food: Pizza, Macoronie, Spaghetti O's, Chicken Noodle soup. Favroite deserts: Jellybeans, Gummy bears, SALT WATER TAFFY, Cake, ICE CREAM, And MORE!!!

HI! I Am Ava. Here Are Some Pictures Of Things I Like:
cute-unicorn.giftumblr_m08hotJXm91rpm29co1_500.gifMinecraft! (ubove to your left)
cute-unicorn.gifcute-unicorn.gifcute-unicorn.gifcute-unicorn.gifUnicorns with wings! (left & ubove)
I <3 READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS AWESOME!!