Newsletters 2012
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Fifth Grade Updates

May 30, 2013
Dear Room 216:

We are winding down for the school year as we get ready for our fifth grade musical and graduation. Everyone has been working hard with Mrs. Keen. Here are a few reminders and notes about what is happening in Room 215.

  • Friday is our field trip to Seaholm for the Pied Piper opera 9:30-11:15 and visit to Derby Middle school 11:30-2:00. Back to Pierce for the Movie Mile 2-3:30
  • Please remember to send $$3.00-5.00 dollars for lunch. Lunch cost is 3.00 dollars and extra money is for water, Capri suns, chips or a cookie.
  • All permission slips have been turned in.
  • We sent home an invitation to the 5th Grade Graduation. Hopefully everyone got to see it.
  • We are done with math tests for this school year. Don’t forget to sign the Unit 10 test from today. If your child is in the advance math class, they may continue to have math tests.
  • We are doing a short Poetry Unit. Everyone will be responsible for writing 7-10 poems. Students will be given a packet that included samples of different types of poems for them to model from. This project will be done in school unless your child chooses to bring it home. It will be due June 10th.
  • If your child has school library books, I will be sending home a slip with the overdue book titles and cost. Please make sure you return it now or see Mrs. Bell to pay the fine.

Only a few more days to go! What a pleasure it has been to call 216 my daytime home. This has been a terrific group of students who walk the Pierce path as well as share academic talents, creativity and technology skills.

Dates to remember:
May 31 5th grade field trip
June 6th Field Day afternoon Bring a water bottle and sunscreen.
June 7th Health Program 5th Grade Girls with Mrs McComas ,Ms Issa and Mrs Blakemore
and Boys with Mr Cohen and Mr Chalker ( Mrs McComas will be teaching MR Chalkers PE class part of the time.)
LINKS lunch on June 7th Students who have helped with the Links program should get a note from Mrs Sowa.

June 11 5th Grade Musical Dress Rehearsal ???time???
June 12: 5th Grade Breakfast 8:30am(come early or parking is tricky)
Graduation 9:30 in the gym
Musical 10:30 ish
Skate World 11:30ish
June 13: Last day of school Clap out at 11:45 This is a fun way to exit Pierce. Come see us in our 5th grade hallway when we start our trip around the 2nd floor. We walk toward the ART room stairs then walk back by way of the first floor. If you come upstairs at 11:40 you could carry any extra bags and sneak down the Kindergarten stairs to watch us exit the building.

(Students need not attend. Principal & counselors are visiting each school.)

7:00 P.M. Derby Caferteria
Delayed Start Date: Thursday February 7thSchool begins at 10:25 am (busses will be delayed by 90 minutes)

12-18-12 216 news

What a very kind and caring class we had today and every day. I thought you might want to have a read on how we are all doing.

A few of us caught the flu bug over the weekend but we seem to be back to a regular safe and happy class today. Thank you for keeping the students feeling safe with all that IS HAPPENING.

Science Olympiad information was given today. Forms go home on Wed after students ask their parents about the date. April 13. Check out the link below. Forms will come home or you are welcome to print the application form out at home.

10-2212 Off to camp we go

10-17-12 News
At last we are finished with the ASSESSMENTS -District writing, NWEA math, Fountas and Pinnell Individual reading test and 4 days of MEAP tests
I will have lots to share at conference time, but for now know that your children were very focused and dedicated students during all this testing. The math grade sheets that come home are all still a running record of assignments. Please know that many activities do not have letters grades or % tied to them. We always have some extra credit options thrown in as well as chances for redo work. Our goal is to master the math skills, not cause students to worry about getting a perfect score.

Don’t forget about the Mystery Book report. The Battle of the books is coming too. My hope is to have every student read at least one Battle Book. I would also like to see at least ½ the class make an attempt to go to the Battle. Every year I aim for reading 6 books too. Some years I read the 6, some I just don’t plan my time out right to fit in the Battle books and my own reading. I will have many class reading times to discuss the books as book clubs and during Independent reading time. Hopefully we will inspire each other to READ,READ, READ.

Now here we go…on to CAMP

Please be sure your camp forms are in by Friday morning. Let me know if you need another copy of the forms.
  • Permission to participate
  • Medicine form - if needed
  • Who is picking your child up on Friday around 1:30 or 2 (We often are closer to 2:00)
Here is the link for Howell Nature center. Check out the typical schedule and be sure to go to the map and other parts of the site. The Nature Center is a wonderful learning experience for us. Please e mail me right away if you have any more questions or concerns. We will have 5 travel groups of students. This is a great chance to get to be in a group with a friend from last year or to make more friends this year. We have 2 dads and one mother with each traveling group. The parents will be in the cabins with other groups of the same gender so the students have plenty of adults to give that extra TLC. The teachers spread themselves out between the groups during the daytime activities.

Camp info 10-17-12
Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered to be a camp chaperone this year. We have a great group of volunteers and are looking forward to going to camp. I want to make sure I touch base with all of those people who inquired about being a chaperone. If you did not receive an email requesting information to perform a background check, your request to chaperone at camp came after we had enough parent volunteers. We will not be able to accommodate you at camp. We thank everyone for making themselves available to support 5th grade camp.

Staying on the Pierce Path,

Jim Lalik

Oct 8 216 News

Camp information came home today. It was attached and posted here

Please let me know if your child has a need for lots of positives about going to camp. This is a big deal for some students, and others just take it all in without a worry. We will be talking about camp in small chunks for the next few weeks. We can always have a small group talk to help ease worries.

homeworkWiki page or see below
Camp Information:
What To Bring To Camp

Bring a Packed Lunch for Wednesday, October 24

For All Seasons:

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Towels (at least 2)
  • Washcloth
  • Soap/Shampoo
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Comb, Brush, etc.
  • Deodorant
  • Pajamas
  • Underwear
  • Socks (at least 6 pair)
  • Pants -Long & Short (extra in case they get wet), no short shorts
  • Shirts (no tank tops)
  • Water Bottle
  • Backpack
  • Twin fitted sheet- optional

For Spring and Fall:

  • Boots or Sturdy Shoes that can get wet (no sandals)
  • Hooded Rain Gear – VERY IMPORTANT
  • Warm Jacket
  • Insect Repellent/Sunscreen

What NOT to bring to Camp

  • Radios, CD players, headphones
  • Knives
  • Gum, Candy, Food
  • Electronic Games
  • Jewelry
  • Valuables
  • Cell Phones, DVD Players

Optional To Bring
  • Flashlight
  • Camera- disposable
  • Book
  • Sunglasses

Link or Document copied below

Fifth Grade Camp Information

Please find the attached documents regarding Fifth Grade Camp. Please return the following by Friday, October 19th 2012.

  • Agreement to Participate for minors
  • Permission to Administer Medication (if needed)
  • October 26th Pick-Up Information Form
  • Payment for Camp – 150 (check payable to pierce School) – or contact school office for Scholarship Assistance


Please return to school:

On Friday October 26th we will return to Pierce between 1:30 and 2:00 pm. There is no school for fifth graders upon return. Please provide information regarding how your child will be getting home:

Child’s Name: _

My child will be picked up by: _

Phone number where parent can be reached:

Parent Name: __

Oct 1 216 News

Picture Day is Wednesday, October 3rd
We tend to have ours taken in the afternoon.
Please have your student(s) bring the picture envelope directly to the photographer on Wednesday. We are holding early forms in our room.
Check the
website for details if you lost your form given at Curriculum night.

Pierce school ID # AA0209

Packages run from $12-$48
checks payable to
Paying on line is easy to do.

Tuesday, October 2
  • Wear rainbow colors or colors that cooperate with each other.

Wednesday, October 3
  • Trash-less lunch day: Be responsible for the environment by using fewer containers, reusable containers or recyclable containers.
  • Dress for success (be responsible for your look) Picture day!

Thursday, October 4
  • Kindness: Demonstrating by your words and actions that you care about the feelings and needs of others.
  • Fun Run! Wear Spirit Wear or Wear Blue Day
  • Turn in your students donations form.
  • All are welcome to come out and cheer.
o Times
§ K-1 9:15
§ 2-3 10:00
§ 4-5 10:45

Any more mothers interested in being a camp volunteer?? Let us know soon Please.

9-17-12 216 N ews This is listed on the wiki
Thursday Late Start day School starts at 10:25 due to teacher in-service
The Book order information is on the wiki. Some parents are having trouble with the site. Let me know if you are and I will try to fix the problem. Sending in the paper form with a check works as well. We sent another special flyer home about a pre-order for Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I promise I won’t keep sending these forms home

Constitution Day - 225th celebration of our Constitution. We will have an assembly on Tuesday.
( No homework for those celebrating a religious holiday. They may finish the work later in the week at home or school)
Knowing your math facts helps with your math study links. Practice your facts for 5 minutes everyday
9-19 Wed.
Enjoy the carnival tonight or play a game at home for fun
9-20 Thursday
Lang Arts/Writing- Writer's workshop 20 minutes of writing. Free choice any type of writing. We had many interesting topics last week. Some continued on with the story from the first week. We had a song, poems and many small moment stories. We even had 5 writers make theirs look like published work from the computer with art work. WOW! Don’t forget about the Extra credit science- calendar contest for clean water. This could be your Writer’s Workshop writing.

September 07,2012 e-mail, 9/9/12 paper copy
Fifth Grade Curriculum Night Sept 12
Camp Meeting – 6:45 pm Multi-Purpose Room
( Students will hear about camp during the afternoon at school)
Class Curriculum Information – 7:40-8:20 pm Room 216

Monday Folders
There are no traditional “Monday Folders” this year. Please look in NOTES section of your child’s 3-ring binder each Monday for notices from the office. Please remove from these from the binder when they are no longer needed to help keep the binder neat and organized! Be sure you are signed up for the e mails from the Pierce office, PTSA and our classroom e mails. Many notes will come home through e mail.

Homework/Assignment Books
Your child has an assignment book in his/her binder that will be filled out in school daily. Please take time to review with your child, sign notebook, and look over your child’s homework. At this point try your child should be reading at least 20 minutes daily or 30-40 minutes several times per week. Each student received a reading log that he/she should fill out as he/she reads. We will log in school and home reading on the same form. If you want a log for just home reading, feel free to have one you keep at home until the end of the month. Please be sure you look at it at least once a week to be sure your child is recording their reading.

I look forward to meeting you all at Curriculum Night! If you are unable to attend, please send me a note and I will send the information home with your child. We are also looking for chaperones for fifth grade camp. The dates are October 24-26. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Lalik.

A paper copy of this will go home on Monday. If you are getting an e mail copy you are all set with my distribution e mail list. If you have not sent me an e mail yet, please e mail me with your contact information. I will send information through e mail and our class Wiki. Ask your child to show you the wiki for information throughout the year.
Mrs. Diana McComas 248.203.4325 ext. 50688