Information for Science Olympiad can be found here as well as the District Science Olympiad page.

Thank you scientists, parents, volunteer Coaches and Coach Diana McComas and Coach John Kernan

We are proud of the studying the scientists did this year. We have plans for next year to figure out the harder events and to continue to soar in the events were were so successful in this year. Great team work.

Pierce Teams 13 & 14 and Events updated 4-9-13

Food Donation form to return by Tues April 9 or April 10 Please

3-28 Details for April 13- Click on the link . Also posted below.

Check List for Scientist- linked here and posted below

Circiut wizard- electricity info

Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization designed to enhance the quality of science education, to increase student interest in science, and to provide recognition for student achievement in these events. The Science Olympiad tournaments are academic inter-scholastic competitions consisting of twelve individual and team events for which students prepare during the school year. The format of the competition follows popular board games, TV shows, and athletic games. These challenging areas are well balanced between various science areas. There is also a balance of events requiring knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills, and applications. For the past 15 years, BPS has had 2 teams (15-18 students per team)per school made up of 4th and 5th graders in the district participate in the competition.

Forms are due by Jan 7

Jan 11 Information letter for parents

Science Olympiad April 13 Link above gives this information

We are excited about Science Olympiad this year. Please be sure to ask your scientist about the information in their backpack. If the folder of information stays in their homework notebook or backpack, the students will be able to work with their groups both at home and school. If you want a copy for home, please let me know and we will duplicate the information. Many of the events are posted on Mrs. McComas’ wiki. I have some last year’s information until it is updated with the current teams.

A copy of most of the information I send home will be on the Science Olympiad tab on my wiki. It helps for this to also come home digitally. If you will please e mail me, then I can build a distribution list faster. I will try to send home important information.

Please notice dates for practices and optional times for training. If you find out your scientist will not be able to attend a required event, please be sure they let me know.( or as a parent send me an e mail)

The day of the event April 13 8:15am-2:30ish is important to be sure your scientist is available for the whole time. Parents are not required to stay the whole time, but it is good to be sure you are there for the times your scientist needs you. The closing ceremony is usually attended by everyone.
Please let me know right away if you might have a conflict.

Today at lunch we will had a meeting for all 5th grade Olympiad participants. We are still sorting out events for some of the scientists.

Examples of practice sessions in the past are:
  • Ms Pepper from Derby will demonstrate the scientific process used for Wildlife Safari event (We will have 3 students from the 5th grade who will do this event but all of us will learn from the instruction.

  • Crime Buster practice after school with a chemist or cook. Learning about chemical reactions

  • Finger print activities at lunch or after school

  • A visit to a science museum for the Jeopardy and Pentathlon teams to practice a wide range of questions.

  • Any parents interested in watching or helping may join us. We are hoping parents will meet and organize some after school, lunch and home practice times.

We have participants from last year and the year before who are willing to give this year’s participants help and hints. This is a great way to get the scientific method of thinking and team work started. Working together and planning helps make the April 13 experience more valuable.

Thank you for supporting this wonderful enrichment activity
Please e mail me so I have your e mail address ( I have your e mail if you are from roo216)
Mrs. Diana McComas

List of events can be found on the link above. Read the rules carfeully/

2-1-13 SO. Count down to April 13 Science olympiad

Check times for events
Parent e mail Mrs. McComas or Mr. Kernan to confirm date

Read your event directions carefully- write down a to do list to get ready for your event. Show your ideas to an adult

Check out the information on the Science Olympiad wiki

Rearch your event online

Attend 3 in school practice sessions- more if you will not have home practices

Schedule home study time once a week research or reading

Collect notes and papers from our pracitces

Help 2 other teams prepare

Contact someone from a previous Science Olympiad team to ask them about the event

Study the West Maple school map

Have 2-3 final drill practices

Schedule an outside of school practice with your team Ask a parent or coach to help you problem solve possible flaws

Write 10 sample questions for Pentathlon or Jeopardy team

Read at least 2 books for science knowledge non fiction science based books Fiction book with science terms or process- Danger Box ( Battle book)

Keep a science journal of your thoughts, data, questions, problems

Thank your coaches, teachers, peers, parents for helping you on your quest

Keep track of your materials

Good luck

Diana McComas
5th grade-Pierce Elementary School

3-28 Details Science Olympiad April 13 Helpful hints
We wanted to make sure everyone had this information for the District Science Olympiad Competition April 13 We know it’s a lot of information, but just wanted everyone to have this in advance. Many of the items are just reminders for you on what to bring for the day of the event.

Item #1: Student lunch for April 13
Each school is responsible for their own lunches for their students.
Mrs Lena McDermottis organizing our food table for breakfast items and for lunch. She will order pizza for children and parents. Scientist pay $3. If you want pizza for an extra child/sibling, please let her know and include money for their pizza. Adults eat free.
Please be sure you sign up for additional food so our scientist stay well nourished during the day.
Her e mail is :
Or contact Mrs

Item #2: Breakfast items for sale. These help West Maple Scholarship funds
Again this year, we will have available for everyone to purchase coffee and breakfast food (bagels, doughnuts and muffins). This will be setup in the café from 8:00- 10:30 a.m. All proceeds benefit the West Maple Scholarship fund for senior students at the high schools. (price range $1.00-$2)

Item #3- Self-Schedule – Crash Car Eggspert, Pentathlon , Tennis Ball Catapult, and Water Rockets
The students will know their times in about a week . We will write their times on a name tag so they can compete that morning.

Item #4: Jeopardy
We will be using a computerized Jeopardy game. It has the capability to have up to 9 buzzers for our 9 schools represented. One student from each team will be at the buzzer to buzz into the system for the correct “question”. We will rotate students from each team up to the buzzer so everyone has an opportunity to participate. Once at the buzzer, the student will independently answer the question in a “question” format.

Item # 5: Crash Car Eggspert
This will take place in the gym. We will provide the eggs, all materials needed and a Pine Car racer for each team

Item #6: Tennis Ball Catapult ( our two teams have worked very hard on this event. Thank you coaches for building these at home.
Please have each team bring their catapults to the competition with their team number located on it somewhere. Check-in will take place after the opening ceremonies. PLEASE NO PARENT HELP DURING THE TEAMS PREPARATION FOR THEIR LAUNCH. We will have signs posted as a reminder. Please note that your 2 teams have to have 2 different catapults. You may not use the same catapult (build a new one) as the previous years.

Item #7: Water Rockets
Please have each team bring their water rocket to the competition with their team number located on it somewhere. Students can just bring their rocket to the launch site (baseball diamond) at the time of their launch. PLEASE NO PARENT HELP TO GET THE ROCKET PREPARED AT THE LAUNCH SITE.

Item #8: Crime Busters
We will provide goggles for each team at the competition. No notes will be allowed at this session.

Item #9: Bridging the Gap, Reflection Relay, Weather or Not and Wildlife Safari
We will provide all items needed for this event. Students do not need to bring anything with them into the event. . Wildlife Safari Please study Michigan birds – we have a speaker coming on April 11. Last minute help on using a Bird Guide.

Item #10 – Pentathlon – Will be inside in our first grade hallway.

Item #11 – Clay Boats – We will be providing the same clay for all 18 teams.

Item #12 – Circuit Wizardry - We have updated the stations and all materials have been tested!

Item #13– Robot Garage – I’ve been in contact with the Robot Garage to come over hands-on demonstrations from 9-1:00 p.m.



Closed Events: Events may be closed for several reasons: due to space, events that have a written test that must be completed and/or the temptations that others may assist team members during the event. This year these are the closed events: Clay Boats, Weather or Not, Crime Busters, Circuit Wizardry, Jeopardy, Reflection Relay, Wildlife Safari and Bridging the Gap will be closed to adults and other students.
Open Events: These 4 events are open for any visitors to watch. Tennis Ball Catapult and Crash Car Eggspert will both be located in the gym. Water Rockets will be located on the baseball diamond – outside. Pentathlon will be located in the first grade hallway.

WE will have the times for the Pierce teams 13 &14 posted at our home base with the schedule for all the events. Try to cheer on our teams.

Home Base:
All schools will have two tables in the café for your home-base. Please have your students meet you at the table on Saturday morning.

We do have peanut free tables available for use in the cafeteria

Saturday Morning:

All students are to report to the café (home base tables) by 8:15 a.m. Please bring name tags for your students (name and team number). We really need to be mindful in keeping track of the students. Last year, many parents came to the information desk looking for their child. We will have a sign-in and sign-out sheet for you to use at your home-base. Students can sign-out and tell you where they are going and then sign-in when they return back to your home base.

Mrs McComas, our building representative will check in at the information desk to receive our Science Olympiad packet for the day of the event.

Opening Ceremonies will begin at 8:30 a.m. in the gym. We will have all schools begin to line-up in the café and lobby area at 8:20 a.m. Same as we did last year, march into the gym and sit for opening ceremonies.

9:00- 1:00 p.m. Competition and 8 open events for students to participate in during the morning.

1:00- Go back to home bases and clean –up.

1:15 p.m. meet in the gym for Closing Ceremonies and awards. 1:45 p.m. DONE!!!!!

Thank you for all of your support!!! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, April 13
It’s a team effort!

Noelle Davis and Jason Pesamoska Staff in charge
John Kernan and Diana McComas Pierce Coaches